South Beach Residences Project Fact Sheet

South Beach Residences is part of an integrated development project to build a hotel, a condo, Grade A office block, luxury retail stores and restaurants.

Some key  differentiators of this South Beach project from other projects are the eco-friendly design and preservation of the heritage of this area. South Beach's  microclimatic canopy is designed to harvest rainwater and is fitted with photovoltaic cells to convert solar energy to electric energy. This canopy also serves as a naturally ventilated shield for the pedestrians below. The high-performance glass facade, perfect orientation and extensive gardens which help to absorb heat and maintain the thermal environment at a comfortable level.

The result is an architectural tour de force and engineering marvel. South Beach has become the pride of the city.


Project NameSouth Beach Residences (风华南岸府)
DeveloperCity Development Ltd & IOI Properties Group Berhad
ArchitectFoster + Partners
Address30 Beach Road (District 07)
Tenure99 years
Sales Area34,959 sqm / 376,297 sqft
Total Net Saleable Area32,237 sqm / 347,000 sqft
T.O.P.9 December 2016
Number of Car Park LotsOver 200
Total Number of Units190
Residential LevelLevel 23-45
Facility LevelLevel 1, 22 & 32